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My name is MaRiann and my son Jeremy is with Encompass; and he loves Encompass especially the farm.  Encompass is moving and they need help to cover some of the cost for the move.  They do wonderful work with people living with a disability or disadvantage.  Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated. 

MaRiann Dalli


Let’s make the move less disruptive for our young adults, their families, friends and carers!


People with disabilities and their families, friends and carers are clearly resourceful and innovative. They find ways to meet the challenges that they face daily through solutions that are not always ideal.
With this fundraising, we aim to make this transition as smooth and ideal as possible for all people involved. Change is and can be an overwhelming scenario. People who are faced with disability can find change even harder, in turn this may reflect onto the people who surround them. If we can fill the void in regards to the basics of the move, we can all be more focused on making this transition a happier and more inclusive experience for all the jobseekers/participants/clients.

Effects of change

One of the major issues with change, is the adjustment in routine for participants/clients and the general “not knowing” of the outcome of the change. Most people like routine and stability in our day to day life. We have all experienced that unsettling feeling of moving or changing jobs; it is exciting yet nerve racking at the same time. With particular participants/clients this experience is heightened and they are unable to process the situation entirely. This puts even more pressure on families, friends and carers who are already experiencing stresses.
People with disabilities may experience some form of social exclusion throughout their lifetime. This also fuels the anxiety of change where they may feel they might not be accepted within the new environment.
For families, friends and carers this transition means that they are needing to deal with the ‘ripple effect” of the situation. In general they may be experiencing large stresses in regards to the caring of the individual already, when such a big change happens they are forced to remove themselves from other things to ensure the participant/client is as happy and stress free as possible. This in turn can cause them to experience even more stress and anxiety. You can help us to minimize this by supporting our campaign.

What can you do?

You can support Encompass Community Services by making a donation
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“Relocating and growing some of the existing operations is a big task and our service users live all over Greater Geelong”

Elaine Robb

CEO, Encompass CS

Jeremy, MaRiann’s son, accesses Encompass’ Options & Connections program

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