Volunteer with Us

Become a volunteer with Encompass today! We value the role volunteers perform at Encompass. We seek people like YOU who want to participate in an inclusive, diverse and fun environment. Together we can create great communities.

We ask that our volunteer are able to:

  • work autonomously
  • show initiative
  • follow directions
  • assist, support and mentor others including those with disabilities and learning difficulties

Why volunteer at Encompass??

  • Opportunity to make a difference – you will make a difference in someone else’s life.
  • Learning New Skills – you will have the opportunity to learn a range of new skills as well as enhance your communication, time management and problem solving skills.
  • New Experiences – you could gain valuable and interesting new life experience.
  • Possible new career – giving time as a volunteer is a good way of developing professional networks.
  • Meeting New People – you will meet new people outside of your regular social circle

We have volunteer opportunities for the following:

With each option, you would be immersed into our daily activities and therefore would be volunteering alongside one or more of the following;

  • Persons living with a disability
  • Persons from a disadvantaged background
  • Persons on work placement or on a Work for the Dole program
  • High school students from mainstream and specialist schools
  • Our regular team of wonderful volunteers
  • Our amazing staff who are experts in their respective fields and are willing to mentor/coach/collaborate

For more information, contact 1800 943 055
or email volunteer@encompass-cs.org.au

Retail at our social enterprises (pre-loved furniture and upcycling shop HomeStart; and our op shops ReadyStart & Apollo Place)

Tradespersons, truck drivers/jockeys, arts and crafts enthusiasts, DIY project lovers (for our various services at Hub 3219 @ Apollo, including the Readyearth Bags project)

Disability SupportOptions & Connections (join our program participants in a range of exciting life skills sessions and recreational activities)
Disability Support:  Recreation and Travel (assist with our many weekend and evening social activities, including weekends away)

Administration Support Communications & Marketing Support (graphic design, social media management, photography, video production, writing/editing, events and more)

Events (running the Encompass Market Stall at one of the many market days in the Geelong region, Refashion Parade and more)

Gardening Enthusiasts, Farm Hands, Horticulture Experts at our 7-acre farm in Leopold, The Paddock

Corporate Volunteer Days

Our volunteer days provide an experience into what it is like to work within the community services sector and in particular at Encompass Community Services. A day in the life of a not-for-profit would certainly provide a small insight into a world very different to your own. For further information on corporate volunteer options please contact us on 1800 943 055 or you can send an email to marketing@encompass-cs.org.au