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Encompass currently partners with a wide range of corporates, government, education and philanthropic organizations. Partnerships which are delivering tangible social impact. Encompass thrives when the community supports our endeavour’s. Our partnership with the Flying Brick Cider Company, through Lyndsay and David Sharp, continues to develop. The planting of over 600 apple trees is well underway, again generously donated by Lyndsay and David.

This orchard is made up of 12 different varieties of apple and will be used to make an exclusive Encompass cider. Lyndsay has committed to this being a special project for the flying brick cider company and the sales of the cider will assist in maintenance costs of the paddock.

SC Technology partnership continues to grow in strength. Julie and Robert Hunter have provided wonderful support to Encompass for a number of years with direct sponsorship and sponsorship in kind. For many years Encompass has enjoyed a close relationship with Deakin University. Our Chair, Patron, and board members are closely connected to the university. Students conduct their placements with Options and Connections and this year the facilities managements Team, some 100 of them, volunteered their time and materials to The Paddock. Shortly, Third-year visual communications students will complete a branding project with Encompass Marketing. Our connection with Deakin is invaluable.

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