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Encompass Digital Inclusion

Multimedia & Web Design Company

At Encompass Digital Inclusion we offer a wide range of website design services, Social media campaigns and we specialise in making your website more accessible for any kind of customer or client.

It is our priority to make your business stand out using the right marketing strategies such as social media concepts, branding assistance and accessibility services such as SEO.

It is our aim to meet our customers’ needs by showcasing your business in the best possible light to potential customers. The EDI team have a passion for what they do and your success is our goal.

Encompass Digital Inclusion is a media and design company based in the beautiful city of Geelong. EDI is a team of people from diverse backgrounds with various skills and talents. Encompass Digital Inclusion was founded by Greater City of Geelong’s campaign ‘The year of Digital Inclusion 2016’ so EDI gave 8 lucky individuals a chance to join a team in an inclusive workplace, these include people from long-term unemployment or unemployment due to a disability. This gave EDI’s new employees the opportunity to grow and learn new skills from the other staff members.

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday: 9am – 3pm
Address: 21 Apollo Place, Whittington, Newcomb VIC 3219
Phone: (03) 5248 1513
Website: http://www.edi.org.au/
Email: info@edi.org.au

This information is available in multiple formats on request.

Phone: (03) 5222 3377


Your Vision is Our Vision for over 30 years.”

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