Encompass & COVID-19

We’ve Been Around Since 1985 and we’re not going anywhere

Encompass has 35 years of first hand experience and knows just how important it is to help you through these tough times.

From material aid, in home care, health & well being services, food relief, and of course flexible and remote supports. We’ve adapted quickly & won’t leave anyone stranded in this unprecedented time.

Safe and Secure

All our staff are trained and practising COVID-19 Health Department training and all of our continued activities have been modified to COVID-19 safe alternatives.

Designed with Love

We’re here to help in every way we can. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance contact our team, we will support everyone in any possible way that we can – whatever it takes!

Constantly Adapting

Our senior management is in constant contact with the NDIS Commission, the Health Department and people just like you to ensure we keep you, your friends and your family safe.

Making an Impact Where it’s Needed

We provide services are across the Werribee, Geelong, Surf Coast and Golden Plains regions – and we will continue to operate in these regions unless otherwise expressly notified by the Government

Featured COVID-19 Adjustments

We understand that now more than ever you need a different kind of support and we are here to help.

Check out some of the ways we have adapted to these changes quickly giving you maximum choice & control during this unfamiliar time.

In Home Care &
Dometic Supports

We have increased our In Home Care & Domestic Support services to provide extra and much needed supports to both to our new and existing clients. All our supports are within government guidelines to help our most vulnerable while they are at home.

Options & Connections &
Recreation & Travel

Encompass adjusted our services to provide maximum choice & control within appropriate and safe activities set by the new guidelines & laws. From remote, flexible, in home and individual supports to providing online health & well-being and participant driven online travel & entertainment sessions.

Aide driven
Social Enterprises

The HUB is providing material aid for the community by an appointment only policy and The Paddock is providing vegetables to the public by an appointment only policy. This helps get assistance where it is needed most whilst preventing gatherings of large crowds by using strict social distancing guidelines, making sure everyone stays safe & secure.

And that’s not all!

EGF our Disability Employment Services is continuing full operations (by phone, text and email only), Plan Connect our in house support coordination is continuing full operations (by phone, text, video call and email only) and our Accommodation services are continuing to operate within the new guidelines & laws with all staff taking extra precautions to minimise risk including temporarily postponing all non-vital face to face meetings with therapists, events & training.

What if English isn’t my First Language?

To make sure you get the right information and resources in as many languages as possible, see the DHHS website for translated resources.

The Right Choice

Encompass has worked hard to make sure we are operating to our fullest capacity in this unfamiliar time and we are continually adjusting to ensure we provide you with the best services we possibly can – whatever it takes!

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Reach Out

If you or someone you know is in need of assistance please contact our team,
we will support everyone in any possible way that we can.