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Encompass, providing Independent living accommodation with SIL and SDA

What Encompass Provides

Our accommodation team use person-centred active support to encourage residents to develop daily living skills that enhance independence and participate in the local community.

Encompass have multiple support independent living houses, spreading across Grovedale, Armstrong Creek and Torquay. Two of the houses has a dog named Tucker and Porter, who were requested by the residents and has been welcomed into the group with open arms and very spoilt and loved by Encompass staff also.

These services are long-term, shared supported accommodation services to support the residents NDIS goals, independent living skills and a place they can call their home. At Encompass we pride ourselves in ensuring all houses are set up to be secure, comfy and homelike and the residents have choice and control in setting up the house the way they want to.

If you are a SDA provider, wanting to work with Encompass to deliver SIL supports please contact our Accommodation Manager to discuss collaboration opportunities.

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Want to learn more about Housing available at Encompass?

Contact our Accommodation Manager, Srishti Sedlins to have a chat on 0448 909 732 or email your queries to


What is SIL (Supported Independent Living)?

Supported Independent Living funding may be in your NDIS plan and allows for for the support workers to support NDIS participants to live independently in their own home.

SIL funding can also be provided to people who live in Specialist Disability Accommodation, known as SDA.

What is SDA (Supported Independent Living)?

Specialist Disability Accommodation, is a home that is specifically designed to support people with disability through a shared supported accommodation arrangement.

What does SIL funding cover?

SIL covers support for:

  • personal care needs (i.e. dressing, showering, toileting)
  • participating in activities in the household, and
  • managing household tasks like preparing meals.

The NDIS has three levels of SIL funding. They are:

  1. Lower needs: where the participant requires regular supervision of living arrangements
  2. Standard needs: where the participant requires 24-hour active assistance with most daily tasks, and
  3. Higher needs: where the participant requires continual and more complex active assistance.

What does SIL not cover?

SIL does not include rent, board and lodging or other day-to-day living expenses such as food and activities. It also does not include the capital costs associated with a participant’s accommodation such. It also does not include utilities charges such as gas, water, electricity. (Source: NDIA Price Guide)

Encompass charges a monthly residential charge to the client directly to cover these costs, this contribution usually comes from DSP payments and rent assistance payments


If a participant is eligible for SDA funding (funding for Specialist Disability Accommodation), then they automatically receive SIL funding as well.

When a participant is living in a SDA home, the SIL provider for that home provides a quote based on the participant’s support needs for each day of the week. SIL providers develop this quote based on a detailed template (called a SIL Tool) which was developed by the NDIA. The quote then informs SIL funding the participant receives from the NDIS.

Latest Vacancies

There has been some recent changes to short notice cancelations by the NDIS. Please click the below button and scroll to page 22 of the document to review these changes.

For all enquiries or to obtain an application form please contact:

Srishti Sedlins
Accommodation Manager
Encompass Community Services
Ph: 1800 943 055