About Us

Your Vision Has Been Our Vision for over 37 Years

Starting out as one of only nine funded Disability Employment services in Australia in 1985, Encompass has opened its arms to embrace many more people and their needs.

Encompass is the benchmark in providing universal access. With your help and support, Encompass can reach over 25,000 touchpoints each year (and growing). Many of our staff have a disability, showing Encompass’ commitment to providing equal opportunities to the community.

Encompass are customer service leaders in delivering NDIS supports.

We offer a wide range of options for the community:

  • Education and Training
  • Disability Employment Service
  • Life Skills & Independent Living Skills Support
  • Recreation & Travel
  • In Home Care & Domestic Supports
  • Support Coordination
  • Accommodation Service
  • Business Enterprise (pre-loved clothing & furniture shops, cafe, farm)
  • Training, employment, work experience and volunteer opportunities

Encompass Vision

Your Vision is Our Vision
– whatever it takes!

Encompass Values
  • Impatience – to achieve our goals and create positive change
  • Stubbornness – to not give up on things we believe
  • Frustration – to not be complacent with things that should change
  • Conflict – that comes from wanting things to improve
  • Pushiness – when there is much to be gained
  • Inexperience – because we keep trying new things and pushing boundaries
  • Outspokenness – to not accept the unacceptable
  • Oppositionality – to agitate for change

Encompass Mission

Encompass is on a Mission to…

  • Promote the value of more people with disabilities in all forms of employment to employers and the economy
  • To lobby government at all levels to create legislation and provide funding, as much as they can manage, not as little as they can get away with; and
  • Change government policies to make support for people with disabilities more accessible and flexible and where it is most needed
  • Raise awareness with and educate those in all sectors of our community including police, the courts, welfare systems, educators, the public
  • Be at the forefront of trends and their effect on the disability sector
  • To commit to the principles of Person-Centred Excellence in disability services
  • To utilise technology to its best and fullest to achieve our Vision and Mission
  • Celebrate achievements in our sector