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Your Vision is Our Vision – Whatever it Takes!

Encompass Community Services, a quiet achiever in the Geelong community, supports people of all abilities to be AMAZING!  We pride ourselves in providing universal opportunities for all and in shaping sustainable local communities. For over 30 years, we have been actively engaging with people with physical, intellectual, sensory and psychological disabilities; as well as other individuals who are disadvantaged such as disengaged youth, long-term unemployed and those facing financial, social or learning barriers. By working together with the community and YOU, we aim to end damaging stigmas and stereotypes; and open doors of opportunities for all people – whatever background, whatever ability. We believe and invest in YOU!  We are here to help you realise your goals, no matter how long it takes.  We will go through the journey with YOU and will be with you, every step of the way. Chat to us, 03 5222 3377 or email info@encompass-cs.org.au.

Meet Some of Our Amazing Staff

Encompass staff are not afraid to be out of their comfort zone.  They love to learn and evolve in order to improve the way things are.  They are some of the most compassionate, warmest and hardworking people you will ever meet – always ready to smile and stand by YOU!

Create a Brand New World With Us

YOU and Encompass can provide people living with a disability a brand new world.

We run various programs and services to help build better sustainable local communities; and make sure that no one gets left behind!

Here’s a snapshot:

  • Our Hub 3219 program collected 763.4 tonnes of pre-loved furniture.  88% of this was reused, recycled or upcycled.  That saved 671.3 tonnes of waste going to landfill!
  • Encompass HomeStart, in partnership with Give Where You Live, distributed 1250 Material Aid Vouchers at a value of $62k, where beneficiaries were in high need demographics (single parents, people with a disability, unemployed, refugees)
  • Over 60 volunteers within our social enterprises were given an opportunity to upskill and gain work experience, making them ‘job ready’
  • Approx 500 job placements since 2010 (not including 100 self-employed) through our Disability Employment Service; with over 50 jobseekers on one-on-one appointment  supported per day
  • Over 400 students gained full qualification since 2013 through Encompass’ College of Education in Training; with nearly 300 youth participants in our Employability Skills Training (that we only started just over a year ago)
  • 100% of the produce from our farm, The Paddock, are grown spray-free; with 100% access provided to the vulnerable members of the local community to help alleviate food security issues
  • Nearly 200 people with a disability supported everyday
  • Approx 33% of our staff live with a disability
  • Over 30 years of passionate service to the Geelong community and surrounds

With your support, we can create a brand new world.  Together.


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Not everyone has experience of disability and people with disabilities and there are so many misconceptions. The only way to break these myths is through AWARENESS
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Your Vision is Our Vision for over 30 years.” Encompass

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